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Business & Personal Relationship Alchemist

Transformation through Therapy & Coaching


Business & Personal Relationship Alchemist

We are not taught how to function effectively within the context of ‘relationship’, and sadly, many attract dysfunctional behavioral traits in their personal and professional relationships that significantly impact the quality of their lives. I call myself a Business & Personal Relationship Alchemist: The literal meaning of Alchemist means: A person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. Given my extensive experience and training in a cross section of therapeutic and coaching modalities I am able to co-create magic with those I work with to design bespoke solutions for my clients. FACT: If you have not learnt how to navigate your relationship issues it will without a doubt always plague the quality of your personal & professional life!

Ingeborg Mooiweer

"Our inner guidance comes to us through our feelings and body wisdom first. Not through intellectual understanding"

- Christiane Northrup

Integrative Relationship Healing & Coaching Approach

Relationships are like amplifiers; they magnify our experiences and can bring us closer or further away from our true essence. It takes courage to look at oneself but the quality of your life depends on it. All Miraculous Futures suite of services focuses on providing crystal clear CLARITY on what’s possible, truly CONNECTING in with what you value, to enable more peace and vitality across all area’s of your life. One literally cannot put a dollar value on integrating one’s Mind : Body & Soul & heightening ones relationship with emotional intelligence.


Areas Of Specialty

Over the past 3 decades I have trained in a cross section of modalities and there is a clear distinction between healing and coaching and at times there is a need to experience a combination of both to truly integrate the impact of past conditioning.

The areas that I specialize in is very broad but have specific interest in assisting men, women, couples, & singles with healing from:
60 Minutes | Private 1-1

Deep Dive Immersion Session

What Do I Offer?

Private 1-1


 We help you get to the core and resolve it there, especially by letting you feel/experience it, because the real healing only occurs at the feeling level, in one’s subconscious mind. We do this through interventions such as EMDR, Inner Child Therapy, Hypnosis techniques, Inner Sharing and Systemic Work.

Private 1-1

Personal Coaching

You deserve a fulfilling life, one that is full of happiness and success. Are you looking for a safe space to explore your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviours, patterns, goals and underlying motivation without judgement? We are here to walk this path with you.

Private 1-1

Business Coaching

This private 3/6 months Integrative Relationship Business Coaching Partnership is designed to equip professionals to develop the competency to work effectively and efficiently to support the development of strong healthy relationships in the workplace.

10-12 People

Group Coaching

We are excited to announce the launch of the Integrative Relationship 12 Week Online Group Coaching Program commencing on Thursday, 7 Sept, 8pm CET. We are looking for 10 committed individuals who wish to transform their personal and professional relationships in a way they have never experienced. We are not taught how to function effectively within the context of ‘relationship’, and sadly, many attract dysfunctional behavioural traits in their personal and professional relationships that significantly impact the quality of their lives.


Ingeborg Mooiweer, Founder Of Miraculous Futures Has Created 3 Life Defining Workshops Specifically Tailored To Those Interested In Experiencing Extraordinary Relationships In ALL Areas Of Your Life Both Personally & Professionally

4 August 2023

Miraculous Futures Workshop

Are You Living your Life By Design or By Default?

18 August 2023

Emotional Intelligence

Learning Critical Skills For Personal & Professional Success

Couples Retreats

Ingeborg Mooiweer, Founder of Miraculous Futures has created this Couples Retreat for those couples who feel ready to truly live into a ‘miraculous future’ and stand for a relationship based in love, respect and fulfillment.


Ingeborg’s presentations are tailored to the specific needs and goals of the event, covering topics such as leadership, teamwork, and personal development. She brings a dynamic and engaging style to her speaking that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact. 


Ingeborg is excited to announce Immersions. With these newly created packages you have the ability to book Ingeborg for 5 full days and or 10 full days inclusive and experience her therapy/coaching real-time in person.

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